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Greece Rodos Golf Hotel Despina: Location of the hotel in Rhodes and the appropriate maps

Hotel Despina is situated in a strategic and convenient area on the island of Rodos. Built in the centre of the island, on the East coast, access to each part of the island is easy and fast.

The location of the hotel in Rhodes

Also in this map, as you can see, the hotel is situated next to the national road -Rodos Lindou-, which is the main road of island. From here, you can go to the western side of island (to Rodos), or to southern (to Lindos - national road Rodos-Lindou), or to the centre of the island (to Afandou).

Afandou Golf course in Rodos

Opposite from hotel Despina is one of the few golf courses you can find in Greece, the Golf course of Afandou . You can try this wonderful sport. There is no age limit to playing golf, so why not try and play a round. Many of our customers combine there holidays with playing a little golf.



Transport - Buses KTEL Rodos

Directly outside the hotel you will find a bus stop KTEL. Thus you can visit any destination on the island, if you do not have any other means of transport .

Airport Rodos - "Diagoras"

The airport Diagoras in Rodos is one from the busiest airports in Greece and one of the biggest. It is one o the safest airports in Europe and in the world. Our hotel is at a distance of a twenty minute drive from Diagoras airport .

Press here to see the location of the airport at the island.

Diagoras airport has daily conections with many local and international airports during the summer and winter seasons (all through the year ) .

For reservations, you can visit the official web pages of Olympic Aviation and Aegean Airlines.

Harbour Rodos

The harbour is situated in the city of Rodos. Many cruise liners visit daily because it is one of the most popular destinations.

It has many connections with local ports (Piraeus, Heraklion Crete…) as well as with a lot of islands that are around the Dodekanisa.

There are a lot of small ships that you can take and visit small islands of around region, as Simi, Panormitis, Halki, Tilos. You can also visit Lindos by boat which gives you the possibility of getting a sea view of the Eastern side of island of Rodos.

Hotel Despina is at a distance of only 20 kilometres from the harbour of Rodos. You can and go the harbour by bus ( KTEL ), which stop precisely in front of our hotel ( bus stop –Rodos Afandou Golf course-).

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For further information with regards to the island (sightseeing and the services), you can visit the official web page of the municipality of Rodos.